Gian Paolo Santopaolo
Gian Paolo Santopaolo
Technical Fellow IBV Solutions

Gian Paolo Santopaolo

Gian Paolo is an old-timer, with 18+ years of experience in the whole .Net/Azure development ecosystem. During the past two decades, he participated in several projects involving architecture, design, and development of enterprise applications with extreme scalability requirements by implementing the latest technologies both on-premises and on Cloud/Azure. He also contributed to several projects involving AI, Ink, Touch, Gestures, Voice, and VR/AR. His background is in enterprise development in the banking field, where he worked for more than a decade. He also gained significant experience in the client user experience design and development. In October 2012 Microsoft honored Gian Paolo with the MVP award (Most Valuable Professional for the development of Windows, ink and touch applications. In 2018, for his commitment to the enterprise/could and NUI, he was also awarded as Microsoft Regional Director ( ), a restricted group of 175 people worldwide. Because of their leadership positions, passion, commitment to technology and business excellence, RDs have a regular outlet where they can express feedback directly with Microsoft engineers and the senior leadership team, including Satya. He is actually serving as technical fellow at IBV Solutions in Bonstetten Switzerland but still leads the dev teams, coding (mostly R&D), and reviewing/mentoring. He is also helping in sales engineering by going out into the field with the business people to talk to customers and partners. And last but not least, working with product management trying to leverage the barrier between the dev team and the business. Gian uses his great ability to work in teams to do his best in the communities by sharing his experiences: the Emerging Experiences ecosystem is always evolving, there are no standards; because of this, exchanging ideas is the way to find solutions from which everyone can benefit. In Gian’s everyday life this translates into two words: sharing and passion: always share your expertise because history teaches us that sharing knowledge always leads to collective growth. Read more about Gian Paolo at, and to get an idea of what a Microsoft Regional Director is, please visit

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