#11 SQL Server is not an excuse to avoid DevOps

Working as a DevOps consultant in the field I hear this excuse all the time: "We can't do DevOps, we use a SQL database"
Handcrafted database deployments take days and are extremely fragile. This often leads DBAs to the misconception that introducing DevOps - which naturally leads to an increased cadence in deployments - will result in DBAs doing deployments all the time and with more breakages. We will dispel this misconception by showing how DevOps automation and a little discipline allow better testing, shorter release cycles, and reduced business risk. We will also discuss some techniques and best practices for introducing DevOps for SQL Server deployments.
Intermediate DevOps & Testing Data

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24 lis 2020
Track A 14:20 - 15:05 CET

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25 lis 2020
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