Shodipo Ayomide
Shodipo Ayomide
Dev. Relations Manager at Stack Overflow

Shodipo Ayomide

Shodipo Ayomide is a Dev. Relations Manager at Stack Overflow with 9 years of experience in Technology and a track record in web & mobile applications engineering, community management, and product design on a global scale.

He has given talks/workshops at developer conferences around the globe at React Atlanta, FutureSync Conference, VueJS Amsterdam, VueJS Toronto, APIDAYS Hong Kong, Frontend Love Conference Amsterdam, FOSSASIA among many, he is also one of the organizers of the Developer Circles Lagos from Facebook, unStack Africa, Open-Source Community Africa, and various other communities empowering Africa and the world. In addition, he is an Expert and Instructor at

Among his latest topics we can find: Progressive Imaging & Handling: React + WebPack, Fast and Furious with VueJS & WebPack, Getting up to Speed With Deno, Automating Workflow Processes Using GitHub Actions, Design from the Realm of Open-Source, Technical Principles to Developer Experience and others.


Technical Principles of Developer Experience

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