#20 Shift left, add it to the pile? How to keep developers productive and happy

The cloud native development ecosystem is expanding at an unprecedented and chaotic pace. With access to increasingly powerful technologies, developers should be well-positioned to drive innovation forward and work more creatively than ever. However, the problems they are attempting to solve have become more complex than ever.

While development is shifting to the right, the 'shift-left' movement piles up new tools and interfaces in the lives of developers, creating friction in the innovation process and ultimately limiting developers' ability to deliver.

In this session, Suzanne Daniels shares her insights on how organizations can overcome these challenges and improve developer velocity. She will discuss three key solutions that organizations can use to help their developers be more productive and shows how you can combine them using an internal developer portal.

Topics for discussion include:
- Why platform engineering is not just "the new DevOps," and why it's essential to improving developer velocity.
- How to improve collaboration between developers and other teams to streamline software development and speed up innovation.
- How a developer portal can help organizations embrace chaos, foster collaboration, and integrate solutions for greater productivity.
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