#28 Modernizing C# Guidelines

With the release of C# 9.0 & 10 comes a host of coding choices that are non-trivial to resolve. Questions such as when is an extension method preferable to a default interface member, when to use record (rather than class or struct), when is a protected interface member relevant, how does one declare a non-nullable property without incurring C# warnings, how does one appropriately leverage LINQ with async streams, and so on. Recent C# improvements seem simple at first but there are numerous idiosyncrasies to wrestle with. Don't miss out on this session to understand the internals of modern-day C# and how and when to best leverage the myriad of improvements and what the latest C# provides.
Intermediate .NET

Day 2

19 Nov 2021
Hall A 12:30 - 13:30 CET

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