The Update Conference Prague 2019 was even bette than the previous year. We've decided to add an all-day workshop with the attractive topic of Myths and Facts of DDD which took place one day before the conference, on Wednesday, November 13, 2019.

The workshop will be led by , one of Europe's largest IT education expert with 25 years of experience. Dino is an author of 20 books and more than 1,000 technical articles.

ADVANCED Architecture Patterns .NET

Myths and Facts of DDD

DDD is now a 15 years old and although it still changes and evolves it maintains its solid foundation but none of this, however, is strictly code-related. From many places, though, it seems that you do DDD if you just write classes in a certain way. This (common) vision is fairly shortsighted.

More importantly, some concepts of DDD are the theoretical foundation of microservices and both share the same principles (size of microservices follows the rules of bounded context in DDD), gateway in microservices is sort of a context map in DDD, and then ubiquitous language in DDD is comparable to the technology independence of microservices.

So after covering the design principles of DDD, we move to consider concrete software architecture. DDD pushes the layered architecture as the primary model, but many variations exist. We'll delve into the pieces of the layered architecture and how it maps to microservices. We discover the role of domain and application events and evolve the architecture toward event-sourcing. The workshop is articulated in three main modules.

Other topics covered include gRPC as an emerging microservice protocol and Machine Learning as an example of domain service. Finally, we'll see an implementation of a fully-fledged framework that does event sourcing incorporating events in entities and persisting to a separate NoSQL store. For young developers and architect it may be inspiring and it may be rejuvenating for more expert architects.

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