#31 An Opinionated, Maintainable API Architecture for ASP.NET Core

Writing a brand-new API using ASP.NET Core has never been easier, or so you’ve been led to believe. Create a project, write a few models, and scaffold – instant API for your website! While convenient, this leads to a lot of pain as your API scales. Testability and maintainability become more and more difficult as your codebase continues to expand. Eventually, you’re left with a huge mess of code and zero separation of concerns.

In this session, Spencer will provide a highly-opinionated and easy-to-learn pattern for creating scalable, maintainable APIs powered by ASP.NET Core. Attendees will learn about dependency injection, validating requests, executing requests via services, error handling, and versioning strategies to make sure your API lasts for the long haul.
Intermediate Web .NET

Day 4

26 Nov 2020
Track A 16:40 - 17:45 CET

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Day 2

24 Nov 2020
Track A
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