#08 Domain Storytelling

Domain Storytelling means that we let domain experts tell us stories about their tasks. While listening, we record the stories using a pictographic language. The domain experts can see immediately whether or not we understand their story. After very few stories, we are able to talk about the people, tasks, tools, work objects, and events in that domain.

On day one, we will explore how Domain Storytelling can help you with different aspects of DDD. You will exercise:
- to crunch domain knowledge
- find sub-domains and bounded contexts
- constitute ubiquitous language and talk about requirements
- going from domain modeling to modelin in code (optional)

On day two, we will show how to mix Domain Storytelling with other modeling approaches (e.g. EventStorming, User Story Mapping, Example Mapping). And we will model real-world examples from your domains!

In this workshop, you will learn how to adapt the method to the various purposes and you will try out different modeling tools. After the workshop, you will be able to apply Domain Storytelling on your own.
Introductory and overview Architecture

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