#15 The State of Modern APIs - Comparing GraphQL, REST, and gRPC

APIs are a huge part of our connected world - they drive our apps and are the points of integration between applications. There are a number of technologies available that have emerged as major players in the API space, from REST to GraphQL to gRPC - but with them comes a lot of hype, dogma, and misinformation. How do you best evaluate which technology to use when building out a new API?

In this session, Spencer will compare and contrast three major API technology options, their ecosystems, and their adoption and learning curves. We'll discuss each technologies' strengths and optimal use cases, along with the weaknesses/challenges found with adopting any of the technologies.

May the best API win...! (Hint: there isn't one.)
Introductory and overview Architecture Web

Day 2

24 Nov 2020
Track A 16:40 - 17:45 CET

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Day 4

26 Nov 2020
Track A
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