#27 Blazing Accessibility Basics

Do you want to learn to make accessible websites for all people in de world including the 1B people with disabilities on the planet with Blazor? Than this talk is definitely something to look forward to.
In this talk I learn you how to make PWA’s and website frontends with Microsoft’s band new technology called Blazor. I learn you how to make websites that are WCAG valid for all the known disability groups. Next to Blazor I am going to get you started on the semantic HTML and ARIA basics.
I am going to cover the importance of ALT text for images, the use of color, accessible websites for screen readers but also about websites being clear and consistent with language to avoid anxiety and concentration difficulties.
Me, myself started with mobile apps to create solutions for people with disabilities but since the rise of Blazor I join the web!
Introductory and overview Web

Day 2

19 Nov 2021
Hall C 10:15 - 11:15 CET

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