#24 Say what? You can run your .NET workloads on AWS???

When you think of .NET/dotnet core you most likely would not think of AWS, but you will be presently surprised to discover how much support Amazon has for .NET/dotnet core on AWS.

In this session we will go through some fundamentals of AWS including the tools & integration that AWS provides for VS and VSCode, We will then deploy .NET applications on AWS finally we will use AWS Cloud Native services monitor, build and deploy containerized applications.

Topics covered listed contains:

1. Using the AWS Toolkits
2. Deploy .NET Apps on AWS
3. Developing .NET Core Applications Using DynamoDB
4. Adding innovation with AI/ML
5. How to secure my .NET application on AWS
6. Using AWS X-Ray in .NET Applications
7. How to monitor my applications
8. Storing and Caching Data in DynamoDB
9. Integrate Amazon Cognito with .NET Core ASP.NET MVC Application
10. How to set up my CI/CD pipeline
11. Infrastructure Automation

Advanced Cloud & Serverless

Day 2

19 Nov 2021
Hall C 9:00 - 10:00 CET

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Day 1

18 Nov 2021
Hall C
10:15 - 11:15