Technical Principles of Developer Experience

Developer experience (DX) is similar to how you see and understand user experience (UX) but the difference is DX focus is strictly on developers who consume certain API services, SDKs, or other services owned by a company or an organization.

This talk will explore why developer experience matters in every company providing a technical service, what makes a great developer experience team, and the relationship between building a great developer experience flow in a company with the public.

The attendees will learn how Developer Experience increases product usage and how users can become advocates themselves for a product that has a great user-centric experience.

Lastly, attendees would learn the role and what someone who is into creating a smooth and easy Developer Experience (DX) at a company does and the skills required to attract a similar role to you.

Key Takeaways:

- Attendees will understand how documenting an API properly over GitHub could improve the developer’s experience.

- Attendees will understand best practices in designing API for a great developer experience.

- Attendees will understand how commit messages should be committed and pushed.

- Attendees will understand how developers would want to use a certain service and can have a bad experience because of bad documentation and product flow.

- Attendees will understand how a successful platform makes a developer automatically successful.

- Attendees will understand how to measure user’s productivity while using their tools.
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