#18 Let's Code an incremental source generator with Roslyn

(Incremental) source generators allow us to trade in a bit of compile-time for better performance during run-time:
Instead of resorting to general-purpose types and methods, we may utilize auto-generated variants optimized specifically for our user code. With these at our fingertips, we could facilitate high-performance scenarios by, for example, a Reflection-free source. If nothing else, this Roslyn-based metaprogramming relieves authors of writing repetitive patterns over and over again.

While source generators (compatible with the .NET 5 SDK) potentially cause a sluggish developer experience in huge projects and solutions, the programming model of incremental generators (added to the .NET 6 SDK) mitigates that risk.

Come join me in a live coding session and witness the (test-driven) implementation of a fully operational incremental source generator. We will unveil (most of) the intricacies and benefits of incremental source generation along the way. And finally, we shall check the technical quality of the resulting component through benchmarking and mutation testing.
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