#28 More Roslyn Source Generators

Since their inception in .NET 5, Roslyn Source Generators have become more and more prevalent to our projects, and have proven to be integral to a productive development workflow. Not only do they automate maintaining repetitive boilerplate code and help to avoid Reflection for faster and trim-friendlier apps, but also replace dynamic code to enable Native AOT scenarios.

Every major version of the SDK has expanded the capabilities of Generators, and .NET 8 makes no difference by adding a preview of Interceptors in C# 12. The 2023's release, just as every release since .NET 6, also ships new and improved Generators like the Configuration-Binding and COM interop Generators. Apart from that, we explore established Generators by example, both from the BCL and popular packages, and you learn how to write, test, debug, and deploy these yourself. We also delve into advanced topics, such as performance considerations and designing proper incremental generators.

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