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Update Conference Prague is the biggest developer conference organized yearly, offering sessions delivered by the top experts from all around the world. In relation to that, we also organize a few smaller events every year, each of them concentrating deeply on some specific topic.

Structure of Update

Our goal is to build a strong developer community. We always try to introduce attractive Czech and foreign speakers who, as we believe, will inspire the attendees and enrich their knowledge.

Update Days

A proven concept of two days conferences, each of them dedicated to a specific topic.

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Update Conference

The biggest .NET conference

offering sessions given by the top experts of the .NET world


Update Talks

Interviews with interesting Czech or foreign professionals about topics from our conferences.

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Team Update Conference

There is a stable team of reliable people who want to continually improve our conferences. They are the reason why our conferences are so successful.

Tomáš Herceg
Co-Founder of Update Conference s.r.o.
CEO at RIGANTI s.r.o.
Miroslav Kaděra
Co-Founder of Update Conference s.r.o.
CEO at ITIXO s.r.o.
Lukáš Adamec
Lukáš Adamec
Event Specialist
Václav Kaděra
Václav Kaděra
Graphic Designer & Video Specialist
Pavel Herceg
Pavel Herceg
Social Media Manager
Petr Brož
Petr Brož
Photo & Video Production

Past Events

We have a lot of experience with organizing conferences and community events. We continually improve our conferences and expand for your full satisfaction with our events. Here is a list of our past events.

6. 6. 2019

Microsoft, Prague

Update Days: Corestart 3.0

The new .NET Core platform is becoming more and more popular, but its focus on web and server applications has not yet enabled the development of desktop applications. This has now changed and .NET Core 3.0 supports new versions of Windows Forms and WPF.

corestart 3
14. 2. 2019

Microsoft, Prague

Update Days: ASP.NET Core

In February 2019 we were giving a two-day conference Update Days: ASP.NET Core, which was dedicated to architecture and design of large website applications on ASP.NET Core platform. Again, the event took place in modern venue of Prague Microsoft branch.

asp net core 550
24. 11. 2018

Clarion Congress Hotel Prague

Update Conference Prague 2018

Update Conference Prague is the largest .NET developer conference in the Czech Republic. The modern Clarion Congress Hotel Prague is the venue for 36 sessions delivered by top experts from Europe, USA and other countries. Come to the event and experience two amazing days full of interesting sessions, professional-led workshops and opportunities to network with speakers and other attendees.

update 2018 550
28. 5. 2018

Microsoft, Prague

Update Days: Legacy aplikace

This time the main topic of the conference is the modernization of legacy applications. The sessions are focused on making your life easier while maintaining these applications. You can learn, for example, how to split certain parts of the application and turn them into microservices running in containers. The talks are happening on 28th and 29th May. On the next day, 30th May, a full-day workshop is being held.

Legacy app
20. 2. 2018

Microsoft, Prague

Update Days: Xamarin

Another conference from the Update Days series was organized for all mobile development enthusiasts. In 12 sessions, the attendees were presented with an overview of the Xamarin platform, as well as deep dive sessions about particular areas of mobile development. This two-days event took place on 20th and 21th February 2018 at the Microsoft building in Prague and presented two foreign speakers – Daniel Krzyczkowski and Mykhail Galushko, and 4 local speakers – Vojtěch Mádr, Tomáš Jurásek, Roman Jašek and Václav Šedivec.

2. 11. 2017

Microsoft, Prague

Corestart 2.0

Matt Warren is among the greatest stars of this autumn's CORESTART conference. Together with another 4 Czech lecturers, among whom is Tomáš Herceg, Michal Altair Valášek, Tomáš Jecha, and Jiří Činčura, the five of them guided all of 150 participants through the new platform .NET Core 2. A nice part of the programme were also DotVVM open-source framework workshops, presentations on Microsoft Surface Hub, and an evening gathering with the lecturers.

corestart 2
8. 9. 2017

Microsoft, Prague

Budoucnost ASP.NET

A one-day conference The Future of ASP.NET took place on 4 September 2017 in Prague Microsoft branch. Crowded main hall saw lectures on ASP.NET Core, news in ASP.NET MVC, and other interesting stuff from certain web frameworks. The lecturers Tomáš Herceg and Michal Altair Valášek were joined by Tomáš Jech, who is a regular tutor in DotNetCollege, and a guest speaker, Snapshot's Pavel Janečka.

future of asp
23. 8. 2017

Microsoft, Prague

Arch & Sec Days

In March 2017 we were giving a two-day conference Architecture & Security Days, which was dedicated to software systems design from architecture and safety point of view. Again, the event took place in modern venue of Prague Microsoft branch. Two professionals and longtime holders of Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) title Tomáš Herceg from RIGANTI and Michal Altair Valášek from ALTARIS.

arch n sec