Update Conference Prague 2018

The first year of the Update Conference Prague took place on 22nd and 23rd November. Before that, the .NET community could meet us at Update Days mini-conferences. These events happened several times a year, and were focused on specific topics like .NET Core 2.0, modernization of legacy applications or web application security.

We got amazing feedback on the first year, from both attendees and speakers. The conference was the largest .NET-focused event in the Czech Republic, with involvement of speakers from all over the world.

28  foreign speakers
450  attendees
42  sessions |  7  workshops

Our Mission

Our intent is to bring well-known speakers and influencers from every place of the world to the Czech Republic and present their opinions and experience to the Czech audience.

In 2018, we succeeded in bringing 28 speakers from 14 countries. In addition to the sessions, the attendees could network with the speakers and Czech MVPs in the Ask the Experts zone.

The conference offered three parallel tracks with 42 sessionsand seven workshops which took place in a special room.

Session Topics:

  • .NET Framework, .NET Core
  • Azure Functions & Serverless
  • Azure Machine Learning, ML.NET
  • IoT, Virtual Reality
  • Web Development
  • Docker
  • Bots & AI
  • Azure Service Fabric
  • Kubernetes in Azure
  • Xamarin, Visual Studio App Center
  • Cloud & Mobile Security
  • Performance & Architecture

Side Attractions

In addition to the sessions and workshops, the conference offered the Microsoft Surface device expo and a presentation of 3D Expres ergonomic chairs.

There were also ITIXO Chill-out zone, Yoga Time sessions during coffee breaks and Quiet room.

The attendees could also network and win prizes at the showcases of conference partners: Vistaprint, PostSharp and Kentico. They could also chat with the developers of DotVVM, an open source framework developed by RIGANTI.

Media Partners

Richard Campbell and Carl Franklin were the main stars of Update Conference Prague 2018. During the conference days, they recorded several episodes of their famous .NET Rocks! podcast. We were also glad that Martin Šimeček and Vojtěch Mádr, the authors of czech .NET.CZ podcast, were also at the conference.

One of our greatest priorities is to compose a diverse lineup of speakers representing different backgrounds and opinions. We partnered with Czechitas, a non-profit organization that helps young girls to succeed in IT. Together with Julie Lerman and Rabeb Othmani, two influential and successful speakers, we recorded a short interview about their career in IT.

Session Video Recordings

The conference offered three parallel tracks with 42 sessions. All of them were recorded. All the session recordings are available free for conference attendees. During the year we were gradually publishing selected session recordings on our Youtube channel.


Your Feedback

Thanks to your feedback, which we greatly appreciate, we can continually improve the conference and invite other interesting speakers to the Czech Republic.

Cancellation Policy.

Ticket can be transferred or canceled. In case of cancellation there is a following cancellation fee: