CORESTART 2.0 Report

CORESTART 2.0 Report CORESTART 2.0 Report

Matt Warren and Ben Adams were the headliners of the CORESTART conference last fall. Together with four other Czech speakers – Tomáš Herceg, Michal Altair Valášek, Tomáš Jecha and Jiří Činčura, gave all 150 attendees a comprehensive overview of the new .NET Core 2 platform.


Recently I was fortunate enough to be invited to the CORESTART 2.0 conference to give a talk on Microsoft & Open Source a ‘Brave New World’. It was a great conference, well organised by Tomáš Herceg and the teams from DotNetCollege and Riganti and I had a great time.
I encourage you to attend next years ‘Update’ conference if you can and as bonus you’ll get to see the sights of Prague! Including the Head of Franz Kafka as well as the amazing buildings, castles and bridges that all the guide-books will tell you about!


It was also great to meet up with old friends like Matt Warren who did a very intersting talk on “Microsoft and Open-Source – A ‘Brave New World’” as well as providing witty twitter commentary during my talk and good tips to a relatively new public speaker (me). Thanks Matt!
I’d like to thank Tomáš Herceg and the teams at DotNetCollege and Riganti for making such an awesome conference and their great and welcoming hospitality! They are doing a much larger Update Conference with 42 deep technical sessions, which will take place in Prague next autumn (22 – 23 November 2018) - so save the date!

The agenda also included workshops about the DotVVM open-source framework, which were corresponding with the conference topic. Ladislav Šesták was showing news about DotVVM integration with .NET Core, and Tomáš Jurásek presented a demo of how to run DotVVM application running in Electron to provide desktop-like experience.

“ The speakers did an amazing job. As a former Java and PHP programmer I appreciated that in many cases even the basics were explained and it was therefore easier to catch-up as a beginner.“

Microsoft Surface Hub presentation was another nice attraction which let the attendees to try touch-enabled application written in DotVVM and .NET Core. On the first day of the conference, we had an evening party with attendees and speakers in a pub located nearby.

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