Report from Update Days: Xamarin conference

Report from Update Days: Xamarin conference Report from Update Days: Xamarin conference

Another conference from the Update Days series was organized for all mobile development enthusiasts. In 12 sessions, the attendees were presented with an overview of the Xamarin platform, as well as deep dive sessions about particular areas of mobile development. This two-days event took place on 20th and 21th February 2018 at the Microsoft building in Prague and presented two foreign speakers – Daniel Krzyczkowski and Mykhail Galushko, and 4 local speakers – Vojtěch Mádr, Tomáš Jurásek, Roman Jašek and Václav Šedivec.

The attendees could see all the tools and features of the Xamarin platform. They saw demos about how to work with device emulators, how to debug the apps right on the device, or what they need to compile their apps for iOS. Another sessions were presenting Visual Studio App Center or DevOps and continuous integration practices.

We also tried to show the best practices that shoul be followed in the real-world, like the use of MVVM or dependency injection. We had two sessions about making REST API, consuming it, generating Swagger clients and handling the API versioning. At the very end of the conference, the attendees could see an introduction to React Native to get a complete image of the current state of mobile development and the options available.


The talks gave me a complete overview of the mobile development and see the new features from recent months. The conference was well-organized in my opinion, also the timing and the food was good.

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