Adam Sitnik

Adam Sitnik / PL

Software Engineer at Microsoft

My name is Adam Sitnik. I am a Software Engineer focused on .NET performance and reliability.

I believe strongly in open source. I contribute to few open source projects: BenchmarkDotNet, coreclr, corefxlab and the awesome .NET Performance list.

I have spent much of my professional life working on systems for energy producers and distributors. It included projects such: energy trading, production optimization, balance settlement and critical events detection. So far no blackouts!

I am also an ex-MMA practitioner, AFOL, rabbit owner and a huge star wars fan.


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Performance is a feature. But it's hard to measure it right, especially when it comes to micro- benchmarking. BenchmarkDotNet has become the most popular .NET benchmarking library. But how does it actually work? What problems does it solve? Why do the most respected .NET performance experts trust it? Join one of the authors to learn about all the features, advantages and limitations.

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What is Span, how it works, what problems it solves and how to use it today to write faster .NET Core applications. I am going to cover the new .NET Core 2.1 APIs which consume Span and show you how to use them and change your old habits from the prior to Span times.

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