Richard Morris

Richard Morris / AUS

Software Developer

Richard Morris is an Australian software developer who has been developing software commercially for 35 years. He was once the entire C++ and Pascal tech support for Borland Australia, designed robots to manufacture building components, worked on Credit risk analytics in 2001 even made partner on Wall street, was the Chief Technology Officer of Developer Express, until he retired from full time software development in 2006.

Richard also got type 2 Diabetes, almost lost a toe, reversed his Diabetes with diet before most people had ever heard of Ketogenic diets, helped his buddy Carl Franklin to also reverse his diabetes and the pair of them are well known Keto celebrities - the 2 Keto Dudes who produce weekly podcasts and international festivals.


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Richard was once CTO of Developer Express. He hired Mark Miller. He's a programmer like us. Basically, Richard got diabetes, learned about the ketogenic diet, did it, lost 80 pounds and reversed diabetes, and flaunted it on Facebook. He did exactly the opposite of what the Australian Diabetes Association told him to do. He ate fatty meats, eggs, and butter; and drastically cut carbs. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes also in 2015. I went keto in February 2016 after reading the research Richard shared with me. Within 6 months I had lost 80 pounds and reversed it. We started a podcast shortly after I started to document my journey. It blew up. It's now downloaded more than .NET Rocks. We started a Facebook group, then a forum which now has 30,000 members. We also started doing a local Ketogenic Food and Science Festival which has been successful 2 years in a row. We continue to touch the lives of thousands of people. You can see some of the success stories.

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