Tamir Dresher

Tamir Dresher / ISR

Chief Architect @ Clarizen

Tamir Dresher is a software architect with over 10 years of experience of developing, consulting and teaching large scalable distributed systems for which he was rewarded Microsoft MVP. Tamir is the Chief Architect of Clarizen and teach Software Engineering in the Ruppin Academic Center. Tamir is the author of “Rx.NET in Action" which was published by Manning. He blogs at http://blogs.microsoft.co.il/iblogger/ and you can reach out to him via Twitter @tamir_dresher.


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.NET Core has revolutionized the way we build applications. Today, you can write .NET code once and run it anywhere using the tools, practices, and techniques that .NET community known and loved for years. In this session, you'll learn about architecture of .NET Core and .NET Standard which allows it to run on any platform like Linux, OSX and windows. And you will explore how to integrate the different utilities, libraries and concepts to maximize your .NET skills in the new world of cross-platform .NET.

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Do you know what developers do most of their day (except for surfing the internet)? Writing code? WRONG! They are debugging. The debugger is a powerful tool, but in this talk you'll learn tricks that will help find bugs in half the time and with less frustration. Because a happy developer is a productive developer.I'll show you to use tools that will point to you to right direction and features didn't know that are even there, for both development time debugging and post-mortem production analysis.

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