We’re in touch with Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals and other experts from all around the world. Because of that, we can introduce speakers that you’ve never had a chance to see in Czech Republic.

Laurent Bugnion
Laurent Bugnion / CH Senior Global Azure Advocate at Microsoft
Carl Franklin
Carl Franklin / USA Microsoft Regional Director Microsoft MVP
Richard Campbell
Richard Campbell / CA Microsoft Regional Director Microsoft MVP
Brandon Minnick
Brandon Minnick / USA Xamarin + Azure Developer Advocate at Microsoft
Julie Lerman
Julie Lerman / USA Microsoft Regional Director, Microsoft MVP
Matt Warren
Matt Warren / UK Microsoft MVP
Tiberiu Covaci
Tiberiu Covaci / E Microsoft Regional Director, Microsoft MVP
Gael Fraiteur
Gael Fraiteur / BEL Founder and Principal Engineer at PostSharp Technologies
Adam Sitnik
Adam Sitnik / PL Software Engineer at Microsoft
Adam Furmanek
Adam Furmanek / PL Software Developer at Amazon, Seattle
Daniel Hindrikes
Daniel Hindrikes / SWE Ninja at tretton37
Edwin van Wijk
Edwin van Wijk / NL Principal Software Architect at Info Support & Microsoft MVP
Filip Wojcieszyn
Filip Wojcieszyn / PL OSS FTW
Gill Cleeren
Gill Cleeren / BEL .NET Solution Architect
Jared Rhodes
Jared Rhodes / USA Cloud, Mobile, IoT
Karl Ots
Karl Ots / FIN Azure MVP & Managing Consultant at Kompozure
Martin Ullrich
Martin Ullrich / AT Engineer at cssteam.at
Peter Drougge
Peter Drougge / SWE Senior Technical Evangelist, Microsoft
Rebai Hamida
Rebai Hamida / CA Senior Consultant and Architect in CGI Canada
Rodrigo Díaz Concha
Rodrigo Díaz Concha / MEX Microsoft Regional Director & MVP. WPF, XAML & Xamarin Lover
Roland Guijt
Roland Guijt / NL Microsoft MVP, Pluralsight author
Sander Molenkamp
Sander Molenkamp / NL Principal Cloud Architect @ Info Support
Santosh Hari
Santosh Hari / USA Technologist, Microsoft Azure MVP, President @Onetug #OrlandoCC
Steve Gordon
Steve Gordon / UK Microsoft MVP and Senior Software Developer at Madgex Ltd
Tamir Dresher
Tamir Dresher / ISR Chief Architect @ Clarizen
Taswar Bhatti
Taswar Bhatti / TUR Multilingual System Architect at Gemalto
Toni Petrina
Toni Petrina / CRO Developer, speaker, Microsoft MVP
Rabeb Othmani
Rabeb Othmani / TUN Developer Advocate at Nexmo
Tomáš Herceg
Tomáš Herceg / CZ CEO of RIGANTI, Microsoft Regional Director, Microsoft MVP
Martin Dybal
Martin Dybal / CZ Software Architect at RIGANTI, Microsoft MVP
Roman Jašek
Roman Jašek / SK Software Architect at RIGANTI, Microsoft MVP
Michal Altair Valášek
Michal Altair Valášek / CZ Altairis, Microsoft MVP
Tomáš Jecha
Tomáš Jecha / CZ .NET developer at Avast, Microsoft MVP
Jiří Činčura
Jiří Činčura / CZ .NET developer, Microsoft MVP
Robert Haken
Robert Haken / CZ Software & Cloud Architect, Founder at HAVIT, Microsoft MVP
Miroslav Holec
Miroslav Holec / CZ Software Architect & .NET Developer, Microsoft MVP
Vojtěch Mádr
Vojtěch Mádr / CZ Xamarin Mobile Developer & Consultant, Microsoft MVP
Martin Šimeček
Martin Šimeček / CZ Software Engineer at Microsoft
Martin Bojnanský
Martin Bojnanský / SK Software Architect at RIGANTI
Ondřej Polesný
Ondřej Polesný / CZ Developer Evangelist at Kentico
Jakub Míšek
Jakub Míšek / CZ CTO & co-founder of iolevel
Ben Fistein
Ben Fistein / CZ CTO & co-founder of iolevel
Šárka Poláková
Šárka Poláková / CZ Instructor in Power Yoga Academy RYT
Richard Morris
Richard Morris / AUS Software Developer

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